The Beautiful Thing About New Zealand

I had the good fortune to start my 2020 far, far away from home.

See, I decided last year to take a study abroad leap. This leap sent me away from my school in Boston and away from my home in the Dominican Republic, all the way across the world to Auckland, New Zealand.

It was like being the new kid at school, the college freshman, and the new intern on your first day at work all over again. It was, in other words, a rush of excitement, anticipation, and all other fitting jittery feelings. I was in a constant state of jitter.

I ended up staying up to three months in New Zealand before I had to go back home, but the memories I hold from all the incredible experiences I had in that stunning place will stay with me forever.

The same view, one shot up close and another shot from Devonport’s Mt. Victoria.

The beautiful thing about New Zealand is that the possibilities there seem endless. You are literally never, ever, limited by your surroundings.

Sure, I lived in the 5th floor of an apartment building and had breath-stopping views of a supermarket right across my street. However, walking two blocks in any direction meant the start of a new adventure in a completely new part of the city.

I could walk north and head in the direction of the Queens Wharf, where I could walk along the pier and relax in one of the many chill restaurants and bars, like Headquarters, which sports many refreshing ciders and hosts awesome events, karaoke nights, and plays many of your favorite old hits! Honestly, dancing along to “Come On Eileen” in the middle of a pulsing, cheerful crowd hits different when you’re in Auckland.

I could also catch a ferry and visit one of Auckland’s smaller islands. Rangitoto Island, for instance, sees an amazingly short hike up a hill made entirely of volcanic rock that would give to amazing sights of the distant cityscape and the lands beyond. Waiheke Island, on the other hand, is a luscious territory full of vineyards and breweries you can tour to drink and taste local wines and beers in the company of your friends.

Travelling by ferry is a super convenient and cost-efficient way to travel if you’re near the city.