Meet The Y.E Team

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Isaac Rosenheim



  • Age: 23

  • Nationality: Peruvian & Argentenian

  • Favorite trip: My dad and I did a road trip through Europe during my semester abroad in Florence! We rented a car in Florence and drove to 9 different countries in 11 days - Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Amazing scenery, met awesome people, ate some delicious food. One of the highlights of the trip was when we visited the city of Rosenheim in Germany, and were treated with great hospitality by all the locals, especially after showing them our last name was Rosenheim.

  • Dream destination: The Jungles of Borneo off the coast of Malaysia - It would be a dream to see tigers, rhinos, orangutans, and elephants all in their natural habitat.

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  • Age: 21

  • Nationality: Venezuelan

  • Favorite trip: My birthright trip to Israel! I spent a month traveling throughout Israel with my best friend and met so many amazing people along the way. I went hiking in Mount Arbel, rafting through the Jordan River, camel-riding, and so much more with my birthright group and then spent the rest of the month having beach days in Tel Aviv.

  • Dream destination: I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and immerse myself in its beautiful nature and culture! I want to explore all the different spots it has to offer, from the Great Barrier Reef to all the national parks. It would also be a dream come true to be able to see the wild animals that are native to Australia.

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  • Age: 23

  • Nationality: Venezuelan

  • Favorite trip: Volunteering with the Tsonga tribe in cigagula village in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I resided in a camp across from Kruger National Park  where I would teach basic computer lessons to the people of the village. I immersed in the Tsonga culture while coexisting with the villagers by eating their food, singing their songs, and speaking their language, as well as enjoying the unreal wildlife of the lowvelds of South Africa.

  • Dream destination: My dream would be to experience the Great Migration in the Serengeti and Masai Mara. I have always wondered the energy that would be emitted by the hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras running for days. I would also love to spend some weeks with the Masaai which is one of the oldest nomadic tribes still alive.

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dan the lion

Social Media Manager

  • Age: 28

  • Nationality: Filipino

  • Favorite trip: Coming from a tropical country, we only have the dry and wet seasons. Witnessing snow for the first time left me in awe and that makes my trip in Armenia really memorable. It was all new to me – the snow-capped mountains, the leafless trees, the extremely cold temperature and the all-white surroundings. It was also there that I experienced skiing for the first time. It was like a dream come true. Not only that I have experienced white winter but as a person who loves historical places, I was definitely amused by the ancient monasteries in Armenia.

  • Dream destination: My dream vacation would be in Egypt. I just love all the mystery it is shrouded with. Ancient history is my thing and that makes Egypt number one on my list.